Home to Harberton 12/05/15

The journey home went largely to plan - just an hour delay at Hong Kong due to logistical problems in getting large aircraft (ours was an Airbus A380 super jumbo) towed to the correct stand in heavy rain.  That aside, we arrived at LHR at 05:40 and indoors at Angle Cottage by 12:30. 

It's been a wonderful experience and we would like to thank all our friends who looked at the blog.  Some skimmed it, others just looked at the photos, whilst others read every word, and many of you left comments too.  Whichever you were, it gave us much encouragement to know that so many of our friends were with us in spirit. 

Each week, we received a report from the web managers telling us how many "hits" we received.  They ranged from 200+ to 500+ - we just couldn't believe it at first.

This is the last entry, but we hope to keep in contact and see as many of you as possible in the future - wherever you are!