After years of planning, we're off at last. We hope that you'll follow our progress through this blog and enjoy hearing about our adventures. Please keep in touch, either through this channel, or through mandefearn@anglecottage.plus.com

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Liz and Martin

29/10/14 - Harberton

Two weeks to lift off!  Still lots to do, including getting the hang of this blog.  We're off this afternoon to pick up a variety of world currencies from the local Post Office, which may throw them into a bit of a frenzy!

12-13/11/14 - Harberton/Buenos Aires

Naughty bag!

What a day of ups and downs!  Packing done - check. Online check-in completed - check.  Tickets, passports and travel reservation confirmations safely stowed - check.  Cats thoroughly stroked and farewelled - check.  Taxi (my brother-in-law Ken) booked for 14:45 for a train departure at 15:28 - check.  We're feeling that we're well on top of things and congratulating ourselves of such.  Wrong!!  We arrived at Totnes railway station with ten minutes to spare and the train was on time.  Where's the bag with all the travel details, foreign currency and vital documentation in it?  Liz looks accusingly at Martin, who has the most dire of sinking feelings! In the excitement of taking our leave, he's left it in the house!!  To cut this long story short, Ken had to take Martin back to Harberton to collect the bag, while Liz and her sister Susan remained at the station to book tickets for the next train as we missed our intended service.  It could have have been worse - we could have lived more than the three miles to Harberton away from the station or we could have realised we didn't have the missing bag when we were half way up the line.  So, just an hour later we were on our way.  No worries about cutting it fine at Heathrow as I had built in a good margin for error - little thinking it would be my error.  Liz was cross, of course, but she wasn't crosser than I was with myself!
The journey after that was trouble-free.  We transferred to the RailAir coach service at Reading, there was no traffic to hold us up and in about forty minutes, Terminal 5 loomed large.  I must say that Heathrow, and T5 in particular, is now a well-organised airport - so different from the nightmares of years gone by. Mind you, it may have been because there were only a few flights left for the day.  We dropped our bags and were through security in no time. A slight delay with the hand luggage search as I had completely forgotton my shaving foam was in my carry-on bag - it was confiscated. Only a short time in the lounge before we were on our way by the transit train to T5C satellite terminal and straight on board to the prospect 13 and a half hours flying in front of us.
We know it's an extravagance, but Business Class is worth the fare for long sectors particularly.  It's great travelling as Mr and Mrs Fearn, rather than those two in 47 A and B!  Soon we settled down to the welcome drink and menu choices, with the tedium of the long sector broken by a nice dinner and film/music.  And a flat bed!  I slept almost properly for six hours, Liz less so. Breakfast of a fresh fruit plate was great followed by the hot English and arrival at Buenos Aires virtually on time on Thursday morning at 09:00 local to sunny cloudless skies and 23 degrees C.  Full marks to British Airways.  And so, with memories of the Totnes railway station debacle banished, the adventure now really begins ........


07.04.2015 01:17

Pam Vandenberg

It was such a happy lunch with Lynn, Richard, Sonya and Lara. Talking, laughing and enjoying good food. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

25.03.2015 08:59


Pleased you found time to visit this down under place of Tassie.

25.02.2015 09:29

Roslyn Medaris/Allen

OK, I had a chuckle about the missing bag.

24.11.2014 04:24


That read like a great comedy of errors - can't believe this happened to the normally impeccably organised Mr Fearn! Looking forward to the next instalment - thoroughly enjoyed that

18.11.2014 21:53


Self-forgiveness is a very underrated virtue!

16.11.2014 20:03

Gary Parkinson

Martin I can feel that stress on Totnes station! Not the best of starts but no real drama as I know you would have left in plenty of time. I am sure it is going to get better and better! Enjoy

16.11.2014 12:09

Evelyn Wilson

Oh gosh -what a start !!!! I can imagine that dreadful sinking feeling when you found out the bag wasn't there. Just listening to the Archers - Tony has been badly injured by the bull. !!!!!!!

15.11.2014 00:29


Poor you, always my main fear when travelling is to forget tickets/passport etc.
Loved the idea of a BED on the plane--need a Lottery win to afford that methinks! Enjoy Buenes Aires!! :-

13.11.2014 23:56


Details of your blog have appeared on school staff noticeboard. I will greatly enjoy following your travels and seeing glimpses of the sun as the rain lashes down here in South Brent!

13.11.2014 23:50

carol Winnington-ingram

Details of your blog have appeared on school staff noticeboard so I will enjoy following your travels and to see glimpses of the sun as the rain lashes down in South Brent. Caround x

13.11.2014 11:20

Maralin and Ian

Good luck. Take care and have a fab time. xx

13.11.2014 09:22

Linda Boucher

Now that the dreaded is packing is over, you'll be ready for your brill, fab well-deserved holiday.

13.11.2014 06:29


Wow, what an itinerary. We're looking forward to seeing you you both - perhaps in Gundaroo as well as Mt Riverview.

12.11.2014 14:59


Enjoy yourselves - will look forward to reading all about it xx

11.11.2014 22:18

dee & Norman

Bon voyage!! have a superb time, cant wait for the first blog, so excited for you x Dee & Norman x

11.11.2014 17:27


Have a fabulous start to your adventure, we're all looking forward to hearing about your escapades! Be safe and enjoy!

11.11.2014 11:04


Bon voyage! And thank you so much for having us all to stay while you were thinking about packing.

11.11.2014 10:34


Hope you have a wonderful time - looking forward to reading about everything- am very jealous!!! xx

11.11.2014 00:58


How very exciting for you to be setting off at last! And for us to be able to follow you... Your blog will replace the Just In ABC website as my breakfast reading

11.11.2014 00:29

Tim and Ann

Hello. We look forward to seeing you early next year, safe travels.

10.11.2014 22:23

Margaret & Chris

Go Team Fearn! Looking forward to seeing you on our side of the world.

10.11.2014 21:23

Gra & Ali

As Jules Verne wrote: "Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”
As I said: "Especially with the help of a good woman"!
Have an experience you'll remember forever. Love & best wishes.

10.11.2014 20:59

Brian & Robyn

Travel safely guys - see you in Sydney.

10.11.2014 19:53


Have a fabulous time ...... will be keeping an eye on your blog!

10.11.2014 19:13

Bert and Kate

Wow! Very jealous. Really hope it goes well and look forward to reading the blog. Love from us all x

10.11.2014 18:36


Have the most amazing time and keep safe. We will be watching your progress. Much love, Lisa and Guy

10.11.2014 18:08


Looking forward to the blog of "The Fearns go Round the World" Martin, have a great time!!

10.11.2014 04:46


Well i expected pitures of tickets, passports etc. Afterall that is how a journey begins! Very excited you will be in Australia. happy travels and see you soon.

05.11.2014 12:45

Sue and Ken

Have a great time!

04.11.2014 12:33

Sally Webster

Best wishes for your amazing adventure!